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The How's and Why's

How does it work?

      Purchase your favourite products, leave a note on any special delivery instructions, and relax! We will deliver your order right to your doorstep. We lead busy lives and buying online means one less stop on the drive home from work!

      Questions on where to start ... give us a call, we are more than happy to explain!

****Have the freezer space to accommodate a larger order and want to save a bit of money? Ask for details on bulk ordering****

Why the need for variety?

      It is important to provide your pet a variety of proteins. Each protein contains its own source of nutrients and to just feed one is insufficient. The companies I have chosen, together, provide a great variety of proteins to choose from.  I have researched and found companies that produce top quality product that is ethically handled, grass fed, free range and where possible organic. Even better ... as I have no store front nor overhead, I am able to keep the price on products as low as they can possibly be!

Why Feed Raw? 

      Premade raw can be just as convenient as kibble …. Defrost (or don’t!), add any supplements and serve … voila!

• The digestibility of raw food allows for the presence of healthy gut bacteria resulting in improved stools

• Easier to actually determine any possible food allergies as you know exactly what is in every meal!

• Balanced blood sugar

• Healthier endocrine system (body’s hormone regulation)

• Healthier skin

• Cleaner teeth

• Shinier coats

• Increased energy levels

• Less visits to the Veterinarian!

Is there a product you can't find but would like to try? Is there a company you are interested in but can't get your hands on? Let us know and we'll see what we can do!!

I just placed an order with the website and Emily delivered within 2 hours! Great service! Thanks Emily. Everything looks great!

Briana J.

About Us


Piper's Mummy

When we brought Piper home we knew her breed was prone to G.I. issues and allergies. We chose to feed raw to provide her the best possible chance at a long healthy life.

Through her first year, we encountered some hiccups and with much research, learnt the true spectrum of what feeding raw entails.

First, was product quality. It became evident that, even in the raw industry, there are levels of quality. Feeding a 90lb lap dog was going to come at a cost so we had chosen the cheapest raw option available to us from the local pet store.

However, the quality of that product was not amazing resulting in upset tummies, unexplained weight gain even though we fed her less and her never being satisfied. Lesson learned, quality matters! Better quality product provides more nutritional punch in every mouthful and thus allows us to feed less. We noticed a difference immediately once we switched to a higher quality product.

Secondly, was feeding a variety of proteins. We fed one protein for an entire year before we learnt this. Each protein provides its own unique set of nutrients and a good variety, along with any necessary supplements, is essential for a balanced diet. Once we learnt this, we then found it difficult to find quality alternative proteins that didn't cost a fortune!

And so our journey began ...

We are proud to say we are able to provide both the premium quality products and the necessary variety of proteins for a healthy balanced diet!


- We offer FREE Delivery from West Kelowna to Lake Country*

- We offer delivery to Penticton for $60, Vernon for $50 and Kamloops or Oliver for $100 (inquire for ways to avoid these!!)

*minimum $30 subtotal or there will be a $3 fee ... pick up and there is no minimum!


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